Young ones, Work and Diamond Rings

Blue DiamondIn¬†” Reunited “, Blue Diamond recognizes Garnet as the fusion who disrupted her courtroom. However, Sapphire is not above cause even when beneath emotional disquietude, listening to Pearl’s story on why Pink Diamond turned Rose Quartz and started the insurgent. Sapphire’s cryokinesis – lowering the temperature straight opposes Ruby’s pyrokinesis –¬†elevating the temperature, which can signify hers and Ruby’s reverse reactions to emphasize. When under a great deal of stress, Sapphire is seemingly unable to control her powers, leading to her every figuratively and really freezing up as ice begins to encase her in “The Reply” and ” That Will Be All “. ” Now We’re Solely Falling Aside ” goes extra in-depth with this when her stress over Rose Quartz being Pink Diamond causes her to freeze and make snow the entire thing of Rose’s Fountain and the encircling terrain.

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